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Sweet parable

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Sweet parable

Sweet parable.

In old times the Lord blinded ten Adamov. One of them plowed land, another sheep, and the third was fishing... some time Later they came to my Father with the request:

- Everything is there, but something was missing. Boring to us.

The Lord gave them the dough and said:

- Let each blind in his own image a woman to whom you like - fat, thin, tall, small... And I will breathe life into them.

After this, the Lord carried on the dish of sugar and said:

Here ten pieces. Let each take one and give the wife that life with her was sweet.

All have done so.

And then the Lord said:

- One of you is a rogue, because the dish was eleven pieces of sugar. Who took two pieces?

All were silent. The Lord took them wives, shuffled them, and then distributed to whom you are.

Since then, nine men out of ten think that a strange woman is sweeter because she ate an extra piece of sugar. And only one of Adams knows that all women are the same, for extra piece of sugar to eat he...