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At the beginning of his medical career

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At the beginning of his medical career, as a student, I worked as a nurse at the regional hospital of the city of N. Well, somehow summer evening (almost night) we sat down with people to relax a bit. The stitches drank a little, and then one cute sanitarochki remembered that she has the body to take. And a huge yard (almost a Park) she is the one you like and the fear of the gurney to push, and uncomfortable. I immediately volunteered to help, as the girl was pretty, and on the way back you can take a run at will, and there you see, and... And cadavres (the corpse in our opinion) was out of surgery, died on the table, and his foot with him is close.

Well, we're taking a wheelchair, she jumped up on the pits and potholes, and it feels good, and the conversation in the side of the bed... we Arrived and began to hand - no legs! Nothing to do - went to look.

Picture: two in all white, frantically circa lighters, wandering in the night. And then from the nearby bushes to me throws the man plastered. I have no hesitation to him with a question:

- Man, you here foot not seen? (well, I forgot at that moment that not all people are doctors).

Man, of course, stolbeneet. And then because of the bend in the road appears Olenka shouting: "Found it!" and cheerfully waving a human leg...

As he fled!!!