27.05.2019 18:50

There is a guy from work through the Park

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There is a guy from work through the Park. Winter hours 7 PM (respectively dark). On one of the benches sits a group of drunken men, seeking to who would "localopts". Luckily for them (and for trouble my friend) his way as time passed by the benches...

- Man, you got a cigarette?

- Is. (gives the cigarette)

- And have a match?

- That matches.

Well - I think - carried like. Was just about to leave...

- A ashtray?!!

There is a familiar fellow, he realized, seeing standing next to a cast-iron urn, said:

- This will go?

- Go!

Friend, the joys that still got off lightly, decided to do legs until they something else came up. But before he could move away and 3 meters behind heard:

- Uh, man, you forgot the ashtray!

At a meeting with him went the most healthy out of this "team", holding svezhevydoennogo from the land of cast-iron urn...

Well, I had to take.