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December 31st.

Stop "Pokrovsky Park".

The crowd takes one of the few buses by storm.

The bus is chock-full, and getting into it is extremely problematic.

The last person to get on the bandwagon is a typically Russian woman - one and a half meters in a jump, weighing 100 cent with a hook, even with two hooks, and a lot of them, and in the appendage a lot of bags.

It is placed only on the footboard, and she fails to enter the salon to let the doors close.

And she begins with a demanding voice to exhort the man standing in front of her to go further into the salon so that she can fit.

To which he first tries to squeeze a little, then, seeing the futility of his attempts, he turns to her to assess the whole scale of the problem and how much space is needed.

Assessing both a centner, and two hooks, and one and a half meters of height, he declares to the whole bus: "No, telepuzik, you will not get in here!"

The aunt fell out of the bus under the action of a wave lifted by a burst of laughter.

Festive mood remained in the bus was provided.