27.05.2019 21:15

Bare hand

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Bare hand

A tiny courtyard in the city centre. Two houses, built by every angle. At the building 1 entrance on the street, in buildings 2 the entrance to the courtyard, the door in the inner corner. Str.1 partially office. Paid Parking drove plankton to the yards, where not to turn. And got into the habit one metrosexual to put your car ass to the door of the second house.

One resident opened the door violently and broke his lantern. So the man was ordered to pay for repairs for damage to another's property. And a bet that the dude parks the car accordingly his orientation that the door rail and through it are seen. So I learned that the camera on the office work. Pid@races quite rude and walked strut, sending the residents to fuck off.

In short, the video: Open the door. Leans a bare hand with an axe on a long handle. .@Bodil lantern. Chopped bumper. And goodbye from soul@the ball an ax to the trunk. The hand with the axe is pulled, the door closes. Never found bare hands. But the passage to the entrance is free.