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Once I decided to check

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Once I decided to check

bed. Once I decided to check if my wife loves me, and wrote her a farewell letter saying that I was supposedly leaving her.

I put the note on the bedside table, and I hid under the bed waiting for my wife.

Of course, I understood that this was a somewhat childish act, but I had to know how she felt towards me.

I was hoping to hear how she would be upset, start crying, call friends ... But when she finally came home, saw the letter and read it, there was a moment of silence, after which she took a pen and began to attribute something in the letter.

Then she began to dress, whistling funny tunes, singing and dancing on the spot!

She was more happy than upset or depressed.

Frankly, I was shocked.

But things got worse.

She took the phone and dialed the number.

Having listened, I heard her talking to someone on the phone: - “Hi, honey.

I have already gathered and leave for you.

As for the husband, I finally brought him, and he left.

And how could I marry him?

It is a pity that we have not met with you before.

See you, dear !? ”She hung up and went out and the room.

After a while I heard the front door open and close - my wife left ... Then I got out from under the bed and began to read what she attributed in the letter.

And there: “I see your legs sticking out from under the bed.

I go to the store for bread. ”