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Probably all remember the movie "the Golden calf" and the accountant with ease peremezhaemyh in mind large numbers...

In fact, the story. We have in the office (small company programmers') a young boy - Sasha's name is... I Sit like that myself at work, programmin slowly. Then I decided to pin, ask at Sasha, saying, tell me, dear friend, how much is 433 times 129, to which Sasha at a speed komputera says: 55857!!! Secretly open vindovsky calculator... I think..... E-my! Exactly 55857!!!!

I: - Sasha! You are a genius! A child Prodigy! You are not on a small bench to work, you train the plants to manage!!!

That Sasha, it seemed to me, with a light so concealed sadness and a little frustration, says:

- EEEEH! If you knew Vic, whatever you have to do, just

would not cum too soon!