19.06.2019 08:01

In December, I saw a pregnant cat and two young kittens from the previous litter

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near the entrance In December I saw a pregnant cat and two young kittens from the previous brood near the entrance, after a couple of meetings

the idea was born to make a house, such as a kennel, especially since according to the forecast of the cold, serious ones were coming.

Said done, the warmed konurka was installed near the entrance to the joy of the mother, who immediately climbed in there and at first did not even let the kittens, then became more generous, and the cat's hostel started to work at full capacity.

Happiness was short lived.

First, the kicks were pushed back to the trash - the wife returned to the place.

A week later, the house disappeared without a trace, with all the more precise consequences, sorry, falling out of the consequences of the life of the mother mum in the stairwell.

While the house was - all the cats lived on the street, they did not climb into the entrance.

In general, we recently learned that one of the cleaners didn’t like the idea of ​​cats on the street - and she threw the house into the garbage truck.

People, please remain kind and reasonable people.

Do not take an example from those close to you, and love nature in all its manifestations!