29.04.2019 23:05


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"Dude, how do you live in Moscow at all ?! I ran down the street from all

forces, and everything went faster than me ... "


Spring, girls bloom.

Run, as usual, through the lobby

"Kiev-Filevskaya" in the direction of the escalator to the Ring.


with a comb, the beauty-girl dies into the floor: mighty, like that of a sleek mare,

body, wheat, in my hand thick, spit, flowing below the cast

hemispheres, calico sarafan and handbag of post-war style ...

While I was wondering from which side to go around this sculptor's model

Fly, from behind my back fluttered Granny-with-trolley (always

wondered what strength they wore faster than a healthy 40-year-old uncle) and

stuck to the maiden, they say, daughter, is not it bad for you, maybe


The young lady, with great difficulty having torn off her glassy gaze from floating away from under

feet in the terrible depth of the stairs, looked plaintively at her grandmother and

Stretching the words, lazy chest bask spoke:

- Baban ... Boyus I ...

Rescued in the end deushku.

I held the cart, and granny elusive, but

exact movement forced beauty to step on the marvel of stairs.


Russia is still alive, and!



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