30.04.2019 06:05

It was quite a long time

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It was quite a long time

It was quite a while ago, perhaps now there is, but have not seen it. I'm in a cab, in front of a huge puddle. Along the pool is punks, boots, jackets. The taxi driver accelerates. I told him:

- What the hell, the kids are splattered!

- Yes they are specifically standing around, waiting to be sprayed. They have, like, a game like that. I'm not a first time here is passing.

Drive through a puddle at speed, as the spray from the hose. Look back. Judging by the behavior, no one's upset. I remembered my childhood: puddles, makeshift rafts, dialed, boots, dirty water...

Now here I think: maybe better do so, not like now – sitting in front of a monitor in the Internet?